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Climate Change: Just Cool It

In order to become net-zero we must look to absorb carbon emissions by planting trees. Please tell us if you think there are any barriers to doing this

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  • Resident1
    Resident1  • 2019-09-18 15:01:28

    Try not building on green sites for a start.
    There's plenty of ex industrial sites that could be reclaimed before building on virgin sites. But then building on virgin sites is preferred because it is cheaper.
    If you truly are serious about making the difference then make your actions match your intentions.

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  • RHissett
    RHissett  • 2019-09-18 12:51:58

    There are plenty of bare hillsides that should be forested. New housing schemes could be required to incorporate street trees. Remember that re-wetting or protecting peat lands is probably even more effective than planting trees.

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  • NAC worker / resident
    NAC worker / resident  • 2019-09-05 12:21:29

    Longer term care of the trees would be a barrier, but this should not stop or hinder today's want and need to plant more trees. there is so much green land that could accommodate more trees. Roundabouts, park areas, grass verges next to car parks. Promoting tree planting within residents gardens, communal areas.

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  • David Nairn
    David Nairn  • 2019-12-31 00:59:18

    The LDP needs ripped up and replaced with sustainble development and rewilding strategy. All existing trees should have a TPO placed on them. North Ayrshire has many different types of carbon sink that can be used in concert with tree planting. I would be surprised if the council has any idea about carbon sink potential in North Ayrshire..... get the Climate Change Steering Group started.

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  • Ross Collins
    Ross Collins  • 2019-12-30 23:09:59

    The only real Barrier is political will, if you make it a priority there’s not a problem.

    Asking us to respond in the negative is a really odd way to ask the question.

    Ross Collins Ayrshire Greens

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  • JanT
    JanT  • 2019-09-27 17:06:59

    There are no barriers to planting trees and is a great plan but first you must stop ripping up existing green spaces and trees to build on. New trees will take years to grow and years for there to be any impact. It makes no sense then to get rid of trees that are already grown and working to absorb carbon dioxide. Especially not when you're then using that space to add more buildings which will mean significantly more domestic emissions and traffic fumes. Use existing industrial space to build on and protect what trees we already have.

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  • rachel48
    rachel48  • 2019-09-27 17:05:11

    As well as planting new trees, you could protect the trees already there by avoiding building on green sites where trees are already well established. Little point in destroying established green sites and then planting new trees which will take years to grow.

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  • naomi
    naomi  • 2019-09-10 15:30:39

    Nope . Get on the case already! We need to ensure that we have enough seedlings to go around as well, and then we need to plant extensively! With all of the money that farmers get to keep ridiculously inefficient and co2 producing livestock, perhaps instead we could train them in forest management and planting?! Or all the oil workers since we need to divest from the oil industry immediately. We will have lots of new green jobs, for lots of skilled workers from redundant industries and so things should map over very well. Enough talking, action now. We don't have time to mull this over, we need to act and then deal with the fallout as it happens. Because the alternative is end game for all of us.

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