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Climate Change: Just Cool It

Please tell us what changes you and the Council can make to use less plastic and recycle more at home, schools and at work

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  • hannah
    hannah  • 2019-09-12 12:09:54

    glass jars, stop buying paper towels that come wrapped in plastic and use cloths and napkins. bamboo tupperware, shampoo bars and soap bars rather than plastic bottles. glass milk bottles. buy cans rather than plastic bottles. install water dispensers all over towns so people can refill water bottles. stop cafes giving out plastic cutlery and straws

    look at our grandparents generation. they didn’t use plastic like we did and they got along just fine. we can go back to the way it was

    every piece of plastic ever made still exists

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  • naomi
    naomi  • 2019-09-10 15:23:08

    Recycling is not the answer. Recycling is simply slightly prolonging the life for something which still ends up as polystyrene and then landfill. We should all live life trying to reuse as much as possible and stop buying unnecessary things. Manufacturers should be penalised for producing irresponsible packaged items. Zero waste shops should be in every town with their own facilities to make oat milk from locally produced oats. Most of all people should JUST SAY NO! Aim for tins as these are properly recycled other than that we must reuse. We must work to a circular economy and completely change our mindset on this throwaway culture.

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  • Jim Heaney
    Jim Heaney  • 2019-09-04 13:27:30

    the council should work with fast food outlets to ban the automatic handing out of plastic toys etc with kids meals - these should be requested rather than given out and then put straight into a bin.
    Why are some fast food outlets still giving out plastic straws ?
    rewards should be offered to households and businesses who recycle or reduce waste output beyond the norm - money from selling recyclable material should be offset against council tax bills etc

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  • Chez - Stevenston
    Chez - Stevenston  • 2019-09-03 12:05:39

    Some countries use a rewards system. Germany for example reward people with vouchers for supermarkets for recycling glass bottles. People may be more motivated to recycle if there is a reward. Schools could get vouchers for teaching supplies in exchange for recycling cardboard/paper & glass. Also its good to see what happens to everything that's recycled so if people can somehow see the difference they have made by recycling that would be brilliant.

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