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Climate Change: Just Cool It

Please tell us what changes you and the Council can make to use less energy in homes, schools and at work

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  • NAC worker / resident
    NAC worker / resident  • 2019-09-05 12:01:08

    Less paper, less waste with all premises. Use of electronic devices rather than printed copies.
    Heating on at set times only, not able to be adjusted all the time.
    Solar panels on all NAC buildings
    Recycle bins for inside homes. We all have 4 wheely bins in North Ayrshire for recycling our waste products, if provided with recycling bins (similar to the ones provided in HQ for homes this may also promote more and better recycling within communities. Rather than households having to purchase separate bins, or if they do not have sufficient space for three separate bins in their kitchen this may discourage them from proper recycling.

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  • CW!
    CW!  • 2019-09-05 11:05:17

    Encouraging to see NAC having two prices for coffees at Cunninghame House - the lower price being when the customer has a reusable cup. Could something similar be done with soup? (Maybe it is and it's not communicated?) I'm wondering if the price of drinks in paper cups could be made much higher after a "campaign" to encourage people to use their own reusable cup. Consider giving all new employees their own reusable coffee/tea cup.

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  • Andrew Hale
    Andrew Hale  • 2019-09-04 17:56:17

    If renewables were more affordable/grants provided etc might then encourage more people to put them in,

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