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Climate Change: Just Cool It

Please tell us what changes you and the Council can make to reduce carbon emissions

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  • Andrew Hale
    Andrew Hale  • 2019-09-04 17:51:00

    There are already a lot of actions in place or being put in place, I think it needs to become a higher priority - this is difficult given the wide range of priorities and obligations the council has in its day to day running, including tackling poverty, inequality and socio-economic deprivation. Any approach to tackling climate change must also consider these issues. If I can use an analogy, during the second world war, the whole country was geared up to the war effort but people also still went around their normal jobs and day to day living and perhaps that is the approach we need to consider long-term - this is a war on climate change that should take priority over everything else - its not that we stop doing the other things but tackling climate change needs to be in everyone's faces much more. We talk about Sustainable Environment, which is a more positive way of couching this but do most people really make the direct link to climate change when we say this?

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  • H Mc Irvine
    H Mc Irvine  • 2019-09-04 15:43:56

    I believe that transport has a huge part to play in reducing emissions. In order to get people out of their cars we need to make public transport more attractive and affordable. Another big issue here is infrastructure - to get people driving electric vehicles we need charging points and the vehicles themselves need to have a bigger range. Also providing facilities for cyclists such as cycle stands, shower facilities and lockers for businesses.
    Solar panels on top of Cunninghame House?
    I think it would benefit me to be a bit clearer about what exactly can go in the purple bin too, I am sure I am still sending some things to landfill that could be recycled - some kind of 'rubbish roadshow' would be good to demonstrate exactly what goes in what bin.

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  • Jim Heaney
    Jim Heaney  • 2019-09-04 13:22:55

    I look around and see many desks with multiple computer screens most of which are not needed if employees tidied up their desktop icons etc...
    Approx. 120 ceiling lights on all day in my office x 5 floors x east x west = over 1200 lights
    Introduce wind and solar energy to every council building including new housing estates

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  • Chez - Stevenston
    Chez - Stevenston  • 2019-09-03 11:53:21

    The amount of plastic households, food chains, supermarkets use is outrageous, I try to buy products in glass bottles or cardboard, its very difficult though, big companies need to take action ad set examples of reducing carbon foot print.

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  • hannah
    hannah  • 2019-09-12 09:36:02

    teach children in classes
    hold evening classes for adults to learn how to reduce their carbon emissions
    cycle to work schemes
    have bike racks over town centres
    the bikes you can hire and drop off (like boris bikes)
    large grassy areas that don’t get used often turned into vegetable gardens that anyone can help at and pick from
    plant fruit trees in towns
    ban plastic bags from shops
    have return schemes for plastic bottles and such
    get rid of the banning of vans going to the dump - that just encourages people
    to fly tip
    have schools and business go on regular litter picks
    encourage local cafes to have vegan options
    encourage shops and cafes to use local produce
    glass bottles of milk easily accessible
    poster billboard could have info on low waste/ low emissions
    have more electric car charging points - businesses could offer schemes to help buy an electric car

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  • naomi
    naomi  • 2019-09-10 15:11:03

    No pesticides to be used (soil health is fundamental to co2 storage, wild areas essential for insects). A complete ban on tree felling. All green spaces protected. Massive rewilding & replanting schemes. Cars banned from all town centers. Free public transport. Improved transport network, electric powered. Solar panels on every rood, wind turbines in every garden. Heavily subsided electric cars. Incentives to rebuild on used land. More flats built. Green roofs. Reduced working week to allow time for thoughtful living. Vegetable plots for all. Orchards/ herb gardens for all in towns. Community vegetable growing areas. Tax shops selling environmentally irresponsible produce such as - fast fashion. Local abbatoirs for local meat / local meat van. Repair shops/ cafes. Enable us to shop locally with responsible produce. Ban on any airport expansion plans. Stop monocultures with farmland. Encourage other materials for building such as hemp or bamboo. Support zero waste shops.

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  • ECAyrshire
    ECAyrshire  • 2019-09-10 15:02:50

    Reducing consumption of all resources is the biggest thing that we can all do individually or as organisations. So switch their main consumables to reusables, eliminate paper wherever possible, source locally wherever possible within their large supply chain. Properly insulate everywhere and install energy saving technology wherever we can - lights on sensors, screens on timers etc. As soon as reasonably possible, switch your fleet to non fossil fuel vehicles (not saying Electric vehicles are the ultimate answer). Solar panels on all council owned buildings, no new gas connections and equipment in council properties. Plant everywhere you can. Individuals need to always be as sustainable as they can afford to be in terms of money, time and resources. So reusables where you can afford it and an electric car, or even better use public transport. Just buy and consume less stuff. Be relaxed about gardening.

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  • John taberner
    John taberner  • 2019-09-05 17:56:53

    Although NAC is dedicated to reducing emissions, the recent Peel Ports development will remove a large part of the Southannan SSSI at Fairlie. This will not only release carbon into the atmosphere it will also destroy sea grasses which capture more carbon than rain forests. More climate change checks need to be incorporated into the North Ayrshire planning processes and evaluate the work of Swansea University to re-seed seagrass in our seas.

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  • NAC worker / resident
    NAC worker / resident  • 2019-09-05 11:54:18

    More publicity and acknowledgement for what the Council is currently doing to reduce carbon emissions. Pool cars, if booked out and not actually used, staff should be penalised. Showers available at ALL council sites to encourage walking, cycling to work.
    Promotion for car pooling to and from work to help reduce number of cars on the road along with parking.
    Lights within buildings to remain off, have to switch on rather than have to switch off. These are always kept on for no reason.
    Printing, settings should be for one page only (especially if having to print email, as the distribution list is shown along with the footer information which is a waste of paper / toner / electricity.
    More encouragement for all staff to use laptops / tablets rather than paper copies of agendas etc for meetings.

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