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Climate Change: Just Cool It

How serious an issue do you think climate change is and how does it affect you?

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  • naomi
    naomi  • 2019-09-10 14:56:02

    This is the defining issue of our lifetime and we are the last generation that can do anything about it. Climate change is already affecting my short and long term plans on how I want to live my life. What would I do with food shortages? How equipped would I be if the supermarkets were bare? How can I reduce my environmental impact to the greatest degree? What we must realise is that our soil is depleted of nutrients, our pollinating insects have dramatically declined in numbers, our coastline is under threat. We must acknowledge the truth of what is happening . We have had 20 of the hottest years since we recorded temperature over the last 22 years and things are starting to accelerate quickly as we enter some dangerous feedback looks like the methane being released from the melting Ice. All predictions this far have completely underestimated what is now being recorded. We have already breached estimates for 2050.

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  • ECAyrshire
    ECAyrshire  • 2019-09-10 14:54:31

    My biggest concern in life. In this country we are starting to see the effects on weather, but the biggest effects will be in my children's lifetime and that is terrifying.

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  • P.C. turner
    P.C. turner  • 2019-09-06 09:04:53

    Not everyone is taking this seriously it is the usual pattern someone else's problem nothing to do with me . We don't have to do big things but we can all do the small things , more use of public transport , car sharing , no cars allowed on the road with only one person in it , no car is allowed to run the engine while parked penalties should be introduced.

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