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Climate Change: Just Cool It


North Ayrshire Council has declared a state of Climate Emergency.

This means we have committed to take action now to reduce carbon emissions across North Ayrshire. Declaring a Climate Emergency is a worldwide call following a report from a group of international experts, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). These experts have reported the world only has 11 years left to limit climate change before the damage to our planet is irreversible, therefore action must take place now.

It is not only your Council who have declared a state of emergency. Both UK and Scottish Governments have taken this position, together with 18 other countries and their local authority equivalents. Climate change is a global problem with extreme weather events impacting people living in North Ayrshire. We are committed to play our part in reducing emissions at a local level.

The Council work hard to reduce the amount of carbon emissions associated with electricity, gas, petrol and waste across North Ayrshire. Since 2005 we have reduced carbon emissions by almost 40%. The Council now seeks to achieve a more ambitious target: to be net-zero carbon. The Scottish Government have set a target of achieving net-zero by 2045.

‘Net-zero’ means achieving a balance between carbon emissions with carbon removal. To achieve this we need to make some big changes in society. We need to reduce emissions from homes, buildings, transport and waste. Any emissions we do create, we aim to remove from the atmosphere by natural sources, for example by planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide.

The North Ayrshire Council Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Strategy (ESCCS) contains actions to help achieve emission reduction targets. We would greatly appreciate your views on Climate Change to help develop our new ESCCS and work towards delivering what is important to you.