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While all of these themes are important what should Locality Planning focus on? Where can it have the biggest impact? Pick your top three. 1. Child poverty 2. Healthy lifestyles and wellbeing 3. Community safety 4. Social isolation 5. Access to food 6. Income maximisation 7. Employability

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  • mammet
    mammet  • 2021-02-12 04:50:27

    They are all important in their own right, child poverty, social isolation and healthy lifestyles and wellbeing are the most important to be able to help people, I have seen a rise in child poverty over the last 7 years, I raised this point once at a federation meeting and the guests were horrified that it even existed and some of the guests even denied it was true. Doctors surgeries are ill equipped to deal with lifestyle and wellbeing and mental health, some suggest you take up yoga without a thought that maybe you cannot afford luxuries like yoga.

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  • Kay Smith
    Kay Smith  • 2021-02-14 12:46:11

    All of them and more. All minorities need support; child poverty, social isolation made worst with limited access to the town Center in for the disabled. Healthy lifestyles affected by poverty and lack of information. Community safety requires more police and we all know due to budget cuts there is less.
    Social isolation due not only to Covid but also the state of some of the pavements and roads. It’s difficult to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter when pavements are too narrow or roads particularly at the edges are full of pot holes. Access to food locally is restricted in town due to new regulations. Home delivery the only option; which normally comes from supermarkets out with the town; I. E. Asda is from Linwood and Iceland is from Irvine. Etc.
    Income maximum:- help with money management is already something the council excels in with Money Matters a great resource.
    Employability is unfortunately a long term option as shops are closing and some shops in Kilwinning empty!

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