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Regeneration Delivery Plan

The Regeneration Delivery Plan will set out how some of our Strategic Development Areas or major regeneration sites will be developed. This includes Ardrossan North Shore/Harbour Area, Irvine Harbourside, Irvine Enterprise Area, Lochshore, and Hunterston. Do you agree that these are the major regeneration opportunities, and are there other opportunities that we should promote?

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  • JaneMac
    JaneMac  • 2020-11-27 17:56:36

    Irvine Harbour regeneration should be completed. It is come on so much with great cafes and restaurants. The Harbour Arts Centre, The Maritime Museum and the Beach. It needs the reopening of The Big Idea. A superb building that could be a multi purpose venue for teenagers, seniors, a real community hub. Have a cafe for visitors. A tourist attraction but also a superb local facility. Put NAC back on the map and be proud of what you have achieved at the harbour side so far.

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      • Optimistic
        Optimistic  • 2021-01-11 18:24:57

        I totally agree with your observations. As a newcomer to area I'm shocked at disrepair of previous EU joint funded projects that seem to have fallen into disrepair. parks, cycle and walking paths , route signage , beach front car parks , and heritage guidance . Can't believe NAC didn't a 5/10/20 year maintenance plan.

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  • Kirsty Millard
    Kirsty Millard  • 2020-11-22 17:49:13

    Agreed these areas need regeneration please allow these to be accessible to everyone from dog walkers to horse riders, as well as pedestrians and the disabled. As a horse rider I am desperate to get my horses off the roads which are so busy and dangerous these days. A safe place to ride would be a fabulous opportunity and I for one would be willing to pay for the opportunity and to have safe and secure area for parking the horse box.

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  • Lmclaughlin
    Lmclaughlin  • 2020-11-22 08:18:56

    Regeneration of Saltcoats & Ardrossan Harbour as tourist areas and town centres need a boost, private businesses receive an incentive to keep premises /shops in good condition .

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  • kevin
    kevin  • 2020-11-16 13:26:53

    I agree on the projects and as a resident of Irvine I am very excited about the regeneration of Irvine Harbourside. I believe the investment will definitely enhance the area and bring in additional visitors to the town. In the last few years I have worked in Dundee and witnessed the positive impact that the waterfront investment has had in that city, it has completely transformed the place.

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