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How could we support your community or business to deliver Community Wealth Building?

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  • Stephen
    Stephen  • 2020-02-16 13:45:22

    It’s high time that NAC stopped getting involved in local politics and started making serious structural decisions. My community is Craft Town Scotland and has won numerous awards but we cannot get a car park out of the Council that has plentiful land. You can’t use libraries because of restrictions on commercial use. We need workshop space to make things to sell on the internet - but the Council can’t even help there. We are entrepreneurial, innovative, motivated and able - the Council is lazy, lacklustre, demotivating and too willing to let the loudest local voice determine a strategy of do nothing. It’s painful to watch what could be, being dissipated due to a lack of NAC support. It would be lovely to think this initiative might make a difference although I suspect it is another way of leveraging community goodwill into doing some of the councils work so that more cuts can be made - same as recycling, or KA Leisure.

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  • KMH
    KMH  • 2020-02-10 13:09:27

    Some retail businesses have very low income but provide services and quality to the community. Explore ways of supporting these SMEs to ensure they don't close leaving yet another boarded up, unwanted space.
    NAC could buy units and let for low rents and pop up shops. Units are currently being bought very cheaply as investments and sometimes by people who do not have an interest in the community - for profit only purchases. Many times the purchased properties then become very run down adding to the deterioration of our shopping spaces.

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  • MarcusHM
    MarcusHM  • 2020-01-31 11:15:44

    I want to found a COOP creating local Veg for local people. Offering people the chance to get involved and make a difference

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