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The future of Largs Library

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  • clyne
    clyne  • 2019-09-06 23:03:02

    The library is the heart of the community and should be located in the heart of the town. A large number of people who use it, especially for group activities are elderly or parents/careers with babies or toddlers. The use of these facilities should be made easier not more difficult. The move would increase the social isolation for the most vulnerable.
    Environmentally it would encourage greater use of private cars.

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  • Alexa44
    Alexa44  • 2019-09-16 22:27:49

    I think it would be a positive move for the library to relocate in the Vikingar. The current building is too small and not fit for purpose. The underfloor heating is far too costly and the building heats up too much in the summer. It is not fit for purpose. Also there is no separate screened children's area. A large number of users live in all parts of the town and not just within the local 5 min area contrary to popular belief. Time for a rebrand and a change to the better.

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  • Evamaria
    Evamaria  • 2019-09-09 18:38:38

    Libraries are important, they should be easily accessible for all people. Not everybody has a car, and walking all the way to Vikingar, especially with books to carry isn‘t possible for everyone. All the other activities that are going on will also be harder to reach, and taking taxis all the time is too expensive! Please leave the library where it is!

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