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What things would help to make North Ayrshire a vibrant, welcoming and attractive place?

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  • George Barr
    George Barr  • 2019-09-04 19:11:12

    Better sign post and lighting in closes between town centre to local roads access . Information boards about local heritage and local historical events marked to high light Historical dates and time in History .

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  • AJ
    AJ  • 2019-06-13 00:48:00

    I agree with Kirsty. For example, the 3 towns could have beautiful beaches and in good weather the local community flock to the beach. It is lovely walking along Saltcoats beach into the North Shore on a good day and seeing local people and visitors alike enjoying themselves. The sand is a draw for the kids and just as many people can be seen relaxing on the grass with picnics or just enjoying the world go by. Coaches from Glasgow and the like bring visitors but the high streets in each of these towns are downtrodden and worn out...
    I also recall a picture being used for an advertisement for a job for a job in the area. The recruiter opted for a picture of Ardrossan Marina. I agree this is a beautiful area but does it really encapsulate the three towns? I would have opted for the picture that showed a birds eye view of the shore front that was vivid and colourful, teaming with the community in a beautiful day. This is the 3 towns and this is what visitors come for.

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  • John H
    John H  • 2019-05-27 00:38:07

    Better planning and consideration of developments, taking into consideration the needs of the residents, and delivering the best outcomes. It appears that developments are determined by what funding is currently available from external sources. Development of Lochshore as a tourist attraction has been in planning for years. The community still have no idea what is being proposed there, except for 250 new homes (Scottish Government funding). I have yet to speak to anybody outside of NAC who thinks Lochshore can be a sustainable tourist attraction. Listen to what local communities are telling you is needed - they usually know best. People are not leaving the Garnock Valley in droves because there is no beach at Lochshore. They are leaving because on top of low employment opportunities, there are nowhere near enough activities / social life. Attractive towns with low housing costs, working age population to decrease by 19% - so obviously need 250 new houses.

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