Shaping North Ayrshire

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Council Plan – A Council that is Fair for All


We want to live in a North Ayrshire we can be proud of – a place where no one lives in poverty, where our economy is inclusive and we support one another to prosper.

A caring society which values kindness and fairness, where we actively look out for our neighbours, our communities, our towns and villages and we all chip in and do our bit.

It is therefore only natural that our priorities reflect this vision and are centred on our people and places.

Through engaging with and listening to what over 700 people had to say about our Council’s future direction via our budget consultation in January 2019, we have agreed our new priorities. These are:

Aspiring Communities

  • North Ayrshire has active and strong communities
  • North Ayrshire’s children and young people have the best start in life
  • North Ayrshire’s residents and communities are safe
  • North Ayrshire has an inclusive, growing and enterprising economy
  • North Ayrshire’s residents and communities enjoy good life-long health and well-being

Inspiring Place

  • North Ayrshire is well-connected with effective infrastructure
  • North Ayrshire has homes and houses that meet our residents needs
  • North Ayrshire is a sustainable environment
  • North Ayrshire is a vibrant, welcoming and attractive environment

Sitting alongside these priorities is a series of actions that set out what we think we need to do to be able to achieve each priority.

These are contained within our new Council Plan which provides a fresh outlook on what it is we want for North Ayrshire over the next five years. We want our ambitious plan to spark the change that we all want for North Ayrshire.

To help deliver our Council Plan, we need a fresh approach and a closer relationship with you, our communities and residents, to make positive change happen.

However, we recognise that these are our ideas. You may have different thoughts and alternative views – that’s a good thing. We want to hear your views.

That is why we are inviting you to join us in deeper conversations around our new priorities and how we can all play a part in delivering them.

So please view our new Council Plan and contribute to the conversations below.

The Council Plan was approved at a meeting of North Ayrshire Council on 26 June 2019.