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Are you currently involved in volunteering? If so, is there any help or support you feel volunteers need to better support their communities? If not, are you aware of any barriers to getting into volunteering?

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  • Michael Gettins
    Michael Gettins  • 2021-06-17 05:19:45

    I am already an active volunteer and enjoy helping people/places. The biggest issue seems to be funding and the piecemeal unplanned and disconnected way finders/councils etc link funding with outcomes but do not use measures that reduce waste/duplication/unnecessary expenses drifting out of our area g new project needs new pc/printer/desk and yet the project that just ended trashed their assets as not able to pass along??? If 10% of funding goes straight out for desk etc it’s leaving the area right away!
    Let’s try and use what we have (an asset register is a good way to start) let’s not bloat the profits of companies that don’t pay their share of taxes.
    Other barriers include: poverty, transport, language/information no central sources of quality info (library’s etc need to be more than a book bank) platforms on it to share/learn and inspire!

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