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Climate change is a key issue. What role do you think you can play as an individual/group to help support the climate change agenda? Where could others help? (i.e. local groups/organisation)

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  • Michael Gettins
    Michael Gettins  • 2021-06-17 05:11:09

    Invest in and support environmental audits for homes, third sector, businesses and services in the area. To look at energy, insulation, waste management, circular economy opportunities.
    Support the development and implementation of the reduce reuse recycle approach! Link Vol
    Orgs , build capacity to address issues around production (ie carbon/waste etc) open recycling Centres with collection points to take and reuse waste (eg furniture/carpets/building materials etc) educate children and all homes /businesses what the costs impacts of waste are (including the opportunities) build better capacity to manage and standardise waste information (what goes where etc) and explore opportunities to generate heat/power from waste eg. District Heating/ Ground Source Heat Pumps composting etc.

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