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Do you have any suggestions or ideas that could be explored to help communities to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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  • M
    M  • 2021-06-17 16:39:39

    Keep libraries and community centres open to help people stay connected and get access to information. Develope outside facilities in case covid continues.

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  • Michael Gettins
    Michael Gettins  • 2021-06-17 05:01:13

    Free and unlimited access to internet (including equipment laptop/dongle etc)
    Establish and utilise digital communities (of geography/interest etc) eg. Next Door to improve communication, connectedness, inclusion, employment, income maximisation, Universal Basic Income, more and better transport options, greener planning and Housing, environmental projects cleaner beaches verges etc. Resilience planning and management systems (learn and improve what worked best and roll out) develop resilience teams across service and communities.

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