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Nethermains Community Centre

The plan for Nethermains Community Centre could provide access to services, support from council/partners and activity/meeting space. North Ayrshire Council will continue work with the Community Association, Council services, Health and Social Care Partnership and other key, local organisations to maximise the potential of the facility and to increase income from letting. North Ayrshire Council will work in partnership with the Community Association to expand key holding opportunities to reduce workforce costs. Please choose one sentence from the options below, which best describes the difference this plan will make to you.

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  • AR
    AR  • 2021-03-29 18:53:20

    over the past years we have hardly had any assistance from the council ,it is a hall that is well used by the community but all the council seems to be interested in is increasing the letting money whether the groups can afford it or not what they do not understand is that an increase in group letting fees is the deciding factor as to whether the group continues or closes.

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  • mammet
    mammet  • 2021-03-27 19:26:12

    as pessimistic as it sounds i have been here before with empty promises from N.A.C. we have very little contact with them as well as very little consultations and i am very aware that the future may sound positive and i hope the positivity will include the community

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