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Nethermains Community Centre

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  • mammet
    mammet  • 2021-03-27 19:21:42

    i have given my time voluntaraly for the last 26 years to nethermains community centre as i grew up there as my mum and dad have been involved for the last 45 years, we strive to help our community in any way that we can whether it is to provide a safe environment for children or adults alike, for the last 6 years the threat of closure has been held over us and our caretaker hours have been cut which as a result some of the committee have to carry out caretaking duties which we do because the alternative is that we have to pay the council £10 per hour over our allocated hours, if we did that we could not afford to function, we do not generate a lot of money annually but we are present for our communities needs and concerns, if someone approaches us and finds themselves in hardship then of course we will help without question as that is what our constituted document stands for , we are here solely to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the community without distinction .

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