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The future roles of libraries, halls and centres in your community



In February 2018, Cabinet and the North Ayrshire Federation of Community Organisations (NAFCO) agreed to set up a short life working group to consider more effective ways of jointly delivering community facilities in the local area. This work was to be set in the context of the financial demands facing the Council.

Terms of reference were developed with the working group which consisted of elected members from all political groups, representatives of NAFCO and Council officers.

The working group developed and agreed a range of recommendations and themes which now form the basis of a community engagement process.


The purpose of this engagement is to enable North Ayrshire Council and its partners to gather the views of our communities and capture their aspirations and opinions on the local community and in particular, the wide range of facilities that are within it. This includes community centres, libraries, halls and any other buildings and venues where activities and events happen.

Engagement / Consultation process

This stage of the engagement process will run from 25 March until the middle of May 2019.

It will include three main methods of gathering the information:

  • On-line engagement (via this website)
  • Conversation Café’s
  • Workshops in localities


Proposals will then be developed between the middle of May and the end of July 2019.