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Café Solace, Irvine

NAC Admin NAC Admin  •  2020-06-05  •  All Applications  • 

Investment project code: 43

Funding would be used to help the Cafe Solace team continue to realise their ambitions for the group. It would enable them to become increasingly self-sufficient and expand their work in North Ayrshire, inviting others into a healthy, recovery-friendly environment.

Café Solace are community cafés run by people who have been affected by addiction. Aiming to champion recovery in North Ayrshire, the cafés allow people to “give something back” to the community, their families and themselves. The cafés provide a safe and welcoming place for social networks to be created and provide community support and service information.

Location: Irvine, Kilwinning, Three Towns

Proposed on behalf of: Café Solace

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