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Naloxone Peer Supply Project

NAC Admin NAC Admin  •  2020-06-05  •  All Applications  • 

Investment project code: 38

This project would recruit a small team of volunteers with lived experience and family representatives who will distribute Naloxone in each of the localities in North Ayrshire, reaching people who services struggle to engage with. Naloxone reverses the effects of an overdose, saves lives and prevents drug-related deaths.

A Naloxone peer supply project would be established – an innovative, public health approach that would operate in communities across North Ayrshire to increase distribution of Naloxone kits and reduce drug related deaths. Six volunteers with lived experience of alcohol and other drugs would be recruited from the PEAR service as part of the project.

Location: North Ayrshire wide

Proposed on behalf of: Turning Point PEAR Service

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